I have the highest praise for the Chandler Clinic. Dr Tracy Chandler carried out a detailed investigation into my health issues and diagnosed treatment necessary to set me on the path to improve my symptoms, with great results already. C.H March 2017
I arrived at the Wellness Clinic in a sad state of affairs, while I thought I was doing OK my body was telling me I wasn’t. Appointment after appointment with conventional medical practitioners would only result in constant taking of antibiotics, steroids and anti-inflammatories. Furthermore, I couldn’t control my weight which I thought was a lack of willpower. I finally took the leap and booked in with Tracey and boy I am so glad I did. Through a well-rounded, informative and supportive process, I have emerged a new person who is full of energy with a huge enthusiasm for life again. Tracey has a kind, genuine and individualised approach to her practice, she listened to me and tailored a simple approach to improving my life, something I didn’t think was possible before. Such small steps but so much reward – what I thought was a lack of willpower was actually my body telling me that I was not at MY optimum. Now, no cravings, no cramps, no persistent tiredness and kilos lighter already! Also, April has helped me greatly with understanding my skin health better and helped me implement a great skincare regime and Tam is always happy to help when you pop in randomly to pick things up on a quick lunch break! A great bunch of lovely ladies, I wish them well and give this testimony with complete admiration for what they are doing to improve people’s lives. M.L February 2017
I recently visited Tracy and her girls at the Clinic in Timaru. I absolutely enjoyed my experience there. Her clinic as very special, nothing like other “clinical ” places I have experienced. It is quiet and quite lovely, very unique. Tracy really knows her stuff and I found her to be right up there with her knowledge. I felt complete confidence in her and will go out of my way to go to her in the future, I tell people about her, I am so impressed! Tracy is generous with her advice (something I have found lacking in others), so I can look forward to more improvements. I am thrilled I have discovered Tracy. – 14/01/2015.
“I really do appreciate the service you give to your clients – it makes it a pleasure to visit your surgery. Keep up the good work and know that you do make a difference to a lot of people”. – 03/01/2013
Dear Manager,

I have been a patient of Dr Tracy Chandler for a couple or so years now, I would imagine in your job, it can be a very thankless job at times. Plus, on a number of occasions, I imagine it to be very stressful, with this in mind, I would think at times it is hard to keep compassionate, jovial, professional, and pleasant to everyone all of the time, which brings me to my point.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my absolute admiration and respect for your doctor, Tracy Chandler; she is always the same very pleasant, plus jovial and compassionate at the appropriate time, helpful and always the complete professional. She is precise and articulate in her explanations to me, (not always an easy task for her at times) but very kind, concise plus compassionate when it is called for, never stepping over the mark professionally.
She knows and understands, I worry about most small details, so she goes out of her way to make everything as painless as possible, especially at the time of any changes, she will go through it with me, knowing I will worry if she doesn’t, which would exacerbate my pain levels. Tracy is very conscious of and considers this along with my other medical problems in a professional and precise manner. I am sure at times this must be a nuisance to her; she never shows it at all in anyway, she always goes the extra mile, well and truly above her call of duty, but always with the upmost professionalism, a credit to both Tracy and the practice.
Tracy always makes us (my husband and I) feel like we are very welcome and she is pleased to see us, plus she enjoys us being there professionally. Which I am sure is not the case at times with our challenging woes.
Tracy in our opinion is an excellent doctor, we have had doctors both here, and in England but never have we had such a doctor as doctor chandler, with so much empathy nor excellence and compassion that makes sure things are followed up.
So it just remains for me to thank Tracy for her patience, professionalism, information plus her jovial nature when appropriate, it puts me at ease and makes me smile even now, when I think of her.
So it just remains for me to thank Tracy for her patience, professionalism, information plus her jovial nature when appropriate, it puts me at ease and makes me smile even now, when I think of her.

Which leaves me only to congratulate the management for their excellence and foresight in appointing doctor chandler to your team and into the position she holds as she is such an asset to the surgery and your team as I imagine you already know.

Please pass my comments onto Dr Tracy Chandler.

I wish her well I am sure whatever she endeavors ‘both now, and in any future positions she endeavors’ to try. She will succeed in her usual compassionate, professional, perfectionist way. Doctor Tracy, thank you. You are generally, delightful, nice Dr, but more importantly a great human being. – 03/03/16
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