Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

The Dr Wellness clinic utilises many different lab tests from conventional labs to the latest Integrative (Wellness) Medicine testing. Below is a summary of the various types of testing:

Traditional Lab Testing:
You will likely have had a traditional lab test. These can include blood, stool, urine or skin-prick testing for elements such as cholesterol and urine infections. Normal reference ranges of these tests are interpreted in a more comprehensive way by the Dr Wellness™ Doctors.

Integrative Medicine Lab Testing:
The latest proven lab tests are used in the Dr Wellness™ clinic in order to get the most accurate information about how your body has been and currently is functioning and to discover why you have your symptoms.

To learn more about the Integrative Medicine lab testing kits please visit the links below:

US Biotek

Doctors’ Data


ZRT Laboratory

Lipid Technologies

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