July 2018 – What is Integrative Medicine?

July 2018 – What is Integrative Medicine?

Welcome, I’m Dr Tracy Chandler. I’m the founder and senior Doctor at Dr Wellness.  If you or your children are ready to feel better, improve your energy and sleep, or become your ideal weight then integrative medicine is your answer.  Integrative medicine is also known as functional or nutritional and environmental medicine as it is aimed at improving the function of your body with nutritional and environmental therapies.  This is how it differs from conventional medicine which aims to suppress your symptoms, usually by giving you a medication, rather than thinking about why the symptom has occurred in the first place.

A colleague once told me a great analogy to explain the difference between conventional and Integrative medicine.  If you think of a warning light on a car dashboard, conventional medicine’s approach is to stick a band-aid or plaster over the light so you can’t see it.  Integrative medicine looks under the car bonnet to see why the warning light is on in the first place and deals with the cause of the warning light turning on.

An example of how life-changing integrative medicine can be is best described by telling you about a young lady I saw who’d had, and this is in her words “Appointment after appointment with conventional doctors “which would only result in constant taking of antibiotics, steroids and anti-inflammatories”.  She also thought her weight issues were a lack of willpower.  After working with us she told us she now has, “no cravings, no cramps, no persistent tiredness and she is kilos lighter already.”

With integrative medicine, we give you back control of your health and your life by offering you more time with Specialist Doctors who are trained to find the root cause of how you feel, and by using the latest technology to heal your body.  Initial consults are 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of your problem, compared to the usual 15-minute consult in conventional medicine.

We also use more extensive and advanced lab testing and offer a broader approach to healing.  Integrative Medicine incorporates treatment options from both conventional and complementary medicine, such as nutritional, environmental, psychological, social and spiritual therapies.

So, if you’re ready to get back to full health or want to maintain your health and fitness and prevent disease contact us today at Dr Wellness.  Have a great day.

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