March 2018 – Toxins Part 2

Toxins-Part 2

I owe you all an apology!  I got so carried away with my passion for all the multiple topics in Integrative Medicine that I forgot to give you part 2 of this topic.  In Part 1 (in January, 2018) we looked at the types and sources of toxins.  So, in this month’s blog, I’ll discuss tips and tricks on how to eliminate them.

As I said last month, although it seems like we’re in a lot of trouble with all the toxins that we’re exposed to, never fear as we now have the advantage of more knowledge.  This means we have more strategies to help us detoxify from all these chemicals. Five important steps include:


1)      Optimise your gut, liver and detox pathways — A poorly functioning detoxification system is serious.  And remember, your gut can also be the source of toxins, such as bugs.  Contact me for more information on our 5’R gut restoration program.  Other ways to optimise these important detoxification pathways include the following steps:

a) Drink at least eight glasses (around 2 litres) of filtered water a day.

b) Poop regularly (at least once or twice a day and ideally the total amount for the day should be around 30cm). If you can’t do this then you need to work with your Integrative GP to discuss strategies to improve your bowel movements.

c) JERF (as my I Quit Sugar buddies say-Just Eat Real Food)! Ideally these foods should also be organic to avoid the toxins in an on foods.  Real food eating plans will naturally consist of plenty of fruits and vegetables every day.  The cruciferous (aka brassica) vegetables (e.g. broccoli), and the garlic family (which also includes onions), are especially detoxifying.

d) Minimize all drugs, including caffeine and alcohol.

e) There are a multitude of amazing detoxifying supplements available.  However, for safety reasons these need to be prescribed individually to you so work with an Integrative GP to help you with this.


2)      Removing toxins: Take time to seriously look at what you’re exposed to.  The list of chemical toxins in last month’s blog will help.  Otherwise check out the website for more tips.


3)      Exercise.  Exercise itself helps to detoxify you but the sweating turbo boosts the toxin removal.  For this reason I also suggest Far Infra-Red Saunas (FIRS) to really sweat those toxins out!


4)      Do a mental, emotional and spiritual detox.  Remember these aspects of us can also be a source of toxins.  Having half an hour of ‘YOU’ time a day doing your favourite thing is a great start.  Also important is rest as this activates your rest and repair nervous system and optimises detoxification.  Even a 1 minute session of belly or alternate nostril breathing a day helps.


As everyone is an individual and will have different environments, genes, symptoms and lifestyles, a detoxification program should be customised for you by a health professional who is trained in this process.

Please comment below with your detoxification stories and have a safe and toxin free month!

Dr T x

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