The burgeoning field of quantum medicine

The burgeoning field of quantum medicine

One of the most controversial topics in medicine is the field of Quantum Medicine.  Partly the controversy comes from a lack of agreement among practitioners about what to call this type of medicine, as it falls under a wide variety of names including Integrative, Biofield, Mind Body, Biofield, Energy, Humanistic, Holistic, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).  My role in this opinion piece is not to evaluate whether this type of medicine works or not (although in my personal opinion it can) but to spark discussion by presenting the basic science behind this field of medicine.

First of all, why is there a need for a ‘new’ field of medicine?  A 2010 New Zealand study showed that 74% of households used vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal remedies, or other CAM products.  With this knowledge and the growing acceptance of CAM among conventional doctors there is an even more pressing need to discuss this field of medicine.  The same 2010 study found that nearly 95% of GPs referred patients to CAM therapists and around 20% of GPs offered one or more CAM treatments.  Also of note, GPs felt that medical education should include more CAM education.

I will not discourse too much on Quantum Physics here, but for a more in depth understanding of quantum physics and quantum healing, I highly recommend Dr Deepak Chopra’s great book ‘Quantum Healing’.  In this book Dr Chopra states, “everything solid, including our bodies, is proportionally as void as intergalactic space”.  The reason being that, at the level of atoms which make up every molecule in our body, there are subatomic particles (electrons etc.).  These particles are separated by relatively large distances, which makes each atom in our bodies greater than 99.999% empty space.

The best way to explain the non-linear nature of quantum physics and healing is by looking at the path between a thought and the appearance of a neurotransmitter.  Let’s take the example of your intention to open your eyes (point A).  The path from the appearance of the neurotransmitter (B), activating an impulse that is transmitted down the nerve axon ((C), making a muscle cell activate (D), causing your eyelids to open (E) is a linear path that is easily followed by a physiologist.   However classical linear (A causes B) physics cannot explain the how the thought to open your eyes (A) causes the release of the neurotransmitter (B).  Only quantum physics can explain the non-linear ‘detour’ that takes place in journey from A to B.  This non-linear path also explains how light can behave as a particle or wave depending on circumstances.

Tapping into the non-linear path between A and B is the basis for quantum healing. At a cellular level Dr. Bruce Lipton believes that ‘epigenetic signalling’ is a probable mechanism capable of explaining the effectiveness of many energy medicine modalities. Also of note, Dr. Tim Ewer in 1998 describes studies which indicate a further basis for quantum healing.  These studies reveal that ‘collagens are not just mechanical fibres, they have dielectric and electrical conductive properties that make them very sensitive to mechanical pressure, pH, and ionic composition as well as electromagnetic fields. The collagen fibres therefore constitute a semi-conducting highly responsive directional network that extends throughout the organism and links directly with the intracellular matrices of all individual cells. This provides an excitable continuum for rapid communication enabling it function as a coherent whole.’

We are doing our patients a huge disservice waiting for science to prove quantum healing with double blind randomised placebo-controlled trials.  If you or your family need healing, would you wait for this type of ‘gold-standard’ study to prove a therapy (that you had heard may help) worked?  Thankfully conventional medicine is showing signs of becoming more open to the possibilities of quantum healing with conventional medical journals, such as the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) dedicating a 1998 issue to the field of alternative medicine.  Additionally, in 2009 a summit was arranged to explore the science of integrative medicine by the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine (IOM).

So please open your eyes to the possibility that you can heal patients using (non-linear) quantum physics.  A closed mind is a dangerous ‘weapon’.

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